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If walks aren't enough to keep your dog occupied while you're at work, consider sending him to daycare. Doggy daycare offers a safe environment for monitored interaction with other dogs. Some facilities also offer ancillary services such as dog training, grooming, boarding, and massage.

What to look for in a doggy daycare Choose a doggy daycare that works for you, both in terms of location and budget. The facilities should be very clean and staffed with well-trained people who put your dog's safety above all else. How is the staff trained? Are the dogs closely supervised or do staff members intervene only when play gets too rough? Is the facility overcrowded? Is the space large and protected to prevent dogs from escaping to the outside?

Candidates for doggy daycare

Expect to go through an initial screening process to ensure that your dog is fit to integrate into the doggy daycare pack. Your dog must be spayed or neutered with up-to-date vaccinations for parvo, bordatella, and hepatitis. During your dog's initial visit (generally a half day), he will be closely scrutinized. Aggressive and shy dogs do not generally do well in daycare. Is your dog well socialized and open to interacting with strangers and a range of dog personalities? Can the staff safely handle your dog and touch his face and paws? Is your dog possessive when it comes to food and toys? If your dog meets socialization requirements and enjoys mixing with other dogs, then chances are he'll thrive at doggy daycare.


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"They are the only dog-walking, pet-sitting service I know that is proactive, follows-through, professional-to-the-bone and super friendly! Keeping me informed and up-to-date with email reminders about upcoming holidays, key-services or fees, makes me more relaxed about dealing with them because I know in advance what to expect. This professionalism gives me confidence as opposed to other companies or individual walkers who tell me about fees or schedule changes "after the fact."
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